SD designs- last day of 50% sale and a freebie

SD Designs is having their 4 year anniversary sale and everything is 50% off. Today is the last day of the sale. I was there yesterday and there are a few things you might like in your inventory.

My favourite thing at the sale was this silver Take Cover Outfit in Metal. This is perfect for drows, it looks like cool armour. I love this. Might actually take a pic of me in this later but we will see.

Take Cover Outfit in Metal 87L

This cute Ladybug outfit is only 27L. Great for someone who likes to be pixie size.

The subscribo gift on the SD Wear  board is this  cute dress. (No Group space needed).

Stocking are also on sale, and they are great lots of choices for 27L each. BUT buy the fat pack on the other side of the board for 87L.