Sale Items of the Week, Feb 24th The White Armory

I had to add this one, cause it is just so gorgeous and only 250L from The White Armory. The White Armory discount section upstairs is the reason my blog goes up to 300L don't you know and all the gowns up there are are 250L or less. Some are old group gifts, some are not. I was off the grid quite a bit last year so I missed a bunch of gifts...sobs. But yay, they are up the stairway to heaven. 

The Sindarin Princess gown below is on sale downstairs with the other special elven sale items for 450L this week, but by some strange perchance (i.e. heaven put it there for Pips!) it is also available for 250L upstairs in the discount section. So buy it upstairs. And shush...