Mini-Mania at ViGo Creations and Lucky Chair Offerings at Dhara Marketplace

ViGo's Creations has 4 Mini-Mania boards, with one random winner per round. 10 slaps is all that is needed. There are 3 nice female fantasy outfits on them that need a bit more action. Come slap these boards and help me get Bliss & Freda. One outfit is an everyday outfit for the guys (not shown).

Celtic Warrior in white outfit aptly called Keira 

Bliss, is on the board too - a Camisk and Gown (this is a new outfit in the collection). Bliss

Freda, also a mini-mania item is a blue Norse Dress, and comes with a fur cloak and a necklace.

Dhara Marketplace has 4 lucky chairs that have a bit of a following, tho' if no one is there it is a long wait, some of the chairs have 60 minutes between letter turns. Here are a few of the outfits you can win (they are random). They have both male and female outfits. Chairs feature stuff from ViGo Creations and KnickKnack.

  Marna - Slave Kirtle from KnickKnack.

Chalwars Moos, with Henna tattoo and belly jewel. ViGo's Creations.

Robes of Concealment, Mette In Teal from ViGo's Creations.

 Men's Robe Taliesin from ViGo's Creations.

Servant Kirtle in Ochre, ViGo's Creations.

Minna tunic dress, KnickKnack.

I won this outfit from KnickKnack. Her clothes are sexy or demure. This outfit has great detail and comes with long pants for the more modest, or you can wear just the tunic.

Mildred Work Tunic -red from KnickKnack lucky chair prize at Dhara.

Boots in the picture above are On a Lark Comfy boots in Brown. Here is a close up showing their wonderfulness. Got these on last weeks 25L Tuesday in a bunch of colours. They are so nice!  On a Lark:

Hair, Vixen Hair,  Peach- Caramel Lucky chair prize (Vixen Hair has great braided styles good for fantasy role-play):

Skin: Pink fuel/Ember on sale for 100L each, 800 for a fatpack. (blogged previously)

ViGo's Creations & KnickKnack at Dhara Marketplace: