Lucky Board at Romi Skins - it's magical!

My alt...yes I have one... has never let her Romi Juliesse (now just Romi Skins) membership lapse. So she got this lovely skin pictured here as a group gift. This is a very soft, colourful but muted skin. The same skin tho' is on the lucky board and there is a host of ladies camped out at the lucky board right now, trying to be so lucky as to get this beauty for their very own. Worn with Elegant Epiffany's new group gift put out today, the eye makeup is sparkle, sparkle: Midnight
Romi Skins
Elegant Epiffany:

Speaking of lucky boards visit Elegant Epiffany's daily prize board. It is for group members only, but we are treated so well we will never leave. P.S Bubblez changes the board regularly and it just changed again today.