Lost Treasure Hunt, Fantasy Only Hunt at Valahari Marketplace ****Applause****

There is a  fantasy only mini-hunt going on  right now in the Valahari Marketplace. The gifts are lovely and there are things for the men too, so get yourself there post haste...that is gallop or fly on the back of a dragon. I couldn't find information on when this hunt ends. These are all fantasy items..I repeat...all of them. Participating vendors have signs in their shops but little treasure chests can be found all over the sim. Some are a lil challenging, some are easy and there are no hints. If I can find them, you can too :)) The jewelry alone is worth the effort. 
You are looking for a lil chest like this.

This dress is called Edda in teal, it a day dress and great on, and comes with several outfit options. It also comes with boots. This is the the LTH hunt gift from ViGo Creations. There is a male outfit too. 

This lovely dress is the LTH gift from Creative Chaos, and is called Ardelle. Hair in the next few photos is EMO-tions freebie Big in Japan. 

This fae costume has such lovely wings and great leggings Called PandoraRain Fae in Pink this is the LTH hunt gift from Laces & Steele.

 I just really like the LTH prize from The Arcanum. It is jam packed with goodies. Here are just a few.
An enchanted cauldron with an animated mixing spoon. 

 An Enchanted circle.

 Mirror of Erised so you can a gaze at your off-line loved one to your hearts content.

Falcon Weapons Forge - Highland Fox Bow. Comes in Large and Small. This really works. I am so excited. Uses UNITY scripting

This is the Moonstone necklace and earrings in gold LTH prize from Designs by Isaura. Comes in a silver version too.  This set is gorgeous! See how these earrings will glow through hair so you can wear them with some long styles. I just love them. Hair here is an EMO-tions freebie Melanie, on the freebie wall.

Here they are close-up.

The Mer-Elf Creations hunt gift is a 50L gift certificate. Sweet.
There is a lovely male & female necklace from Celtic Myst Jewelry. 

There is another gorgeous moonstone LTH necklace by SouthPaw. 
It has a male version and a gorgeous bracelet.

Hair below is an EMO-tions Freebie Vivian ponytail, on the freebie wall. Skin and ears in all shots are Lionheart-Pale Serial Killer from the Serial Killer Hunt.  That hunt is over, but prize is still out at Plastik. It comes with bloodless eyes (not worn here). It is very nasty lil elf in the line of Sookie Stackhouse's nasty fae. Shape is Vixen's free black model shape (don't think this is still available). This is my favourite shape for my gothic days.

In the role playing area in this sim there is a free box of  fantasy male outfits & fantasy female outfits, and role playing dice etc. As well both Laces & Steele Tayren's Fantasy Fashions have freebies out. Tayren's has three free skins and elf ears.