It's 30L are my favs this week

I shop at Gor stores cause the fashion is great and the prices are often right, and they have a lot of cross over outfits. They also are more often complete outfits, so you are not fumbling around for boots to match. I also like panther styles, the freewoman outfits, and earthen peasant dresses & kirtles. I think there is an unfair dismissal of Gor fantasy fashion stores because of the Gorean "lifestyle." But the fashion is check this  great weekly sale out. Items change every week, as do the stores. On until to midnight SLT. 

One of my favourite silk shops Silken Desire is featured this week. 

 Sophia available for only 30L.

Another store I haunt is Una and Luas. This week she has 4 outfits out. One outfit is camisks, a panther outfit in two colours, and this one below suitable for medieval ladies, elves or Gorean ladies. This is a knit dress.

Lady Aliena --- cowl necked charm for only 30L

Mariena panther (available in two colours). These are good for a wild woodland elf look.  

This is a pretty dress from Whatz. Would be great for a fae.

Whatz Clingy: Warm

Coordinates (use your map, this is what it is for :-)) 
Whatz - EK Studio Project, Tumbleweeds (90, 68, 701)

P.S. The Mackenzie Boots I blogged on last week's 30L Saturday are available this week too for 30L. These are nice boots. Check them out.