Great Discount items at Ripped! Winter Sale

I found Ripped on a hunt and liked their clothes and so I check them out every once in a while since. There are some very nice 100L items on the discount wall suitable for Elven folk.

Pretty fae/elf day dress. We can't wear ball gowns all the time you know.

 Comes in black and brown too, this looks very cute.

This is nice for a leather, warrior elf look. 

A lovely muted Celtic look.

I am adding one of the 150L dresses cause it is just so sweet for winter. Comes in black too.

 There are two freebies for women - a carry basket that you can add things to - and a dress below.

 Ripped has an MM Board and two lucky boards. You are as likely to see guys at the boards here as women as they have varying outfits for both sexes. They are fast 5 minute boards. Two outfits you can find on it are shown here.