Freebie of the Day -- Feb 26th 2011 Thanks PixelDolls

This lovely dress is available as a gift to everyone at the Pixeldolls Main store. They are closing for a while on Feb. 28th and moving so I would hurry down if you don't already have it.
Diane Dress A. Autumn. (with underbodice)

Diane Dress A. Autumn. (without underbodice)

 I love the makeup I just got and the eyes on sale for 50L at  PixelDolls. The eyes are available in three sizes and I am wearing the large. Makeup by Pixel Dolls, Rocket Swirls Crimson, Eyes By PixelDolls, Jade in large.

Hair by Lamb (last 50 Linden Friday Special ***but it is still out***) Redux, in Ink:
Boots by Malfean Visions CQ: Vibrants Amber, Lucky ? Board Prize. This is out of order right now, but the boots are on a chair or a board:
Skin: Style by Kira Willow 01D, found at the Wash Cart sale 10L (on until March 9th):

There are also freebies around the store (see prezzies on the central table, and in the separates section)

Look at my Freebie of Day Tab to find other Freebies: