Freebie of the Day, Feb 24th from Deviance

Ok ok I blogged Deviance for Freebie of the day yesterday on my Freebie of the Day page for the Blue Belle dress on their Apple bob. But I had to blog another item on the bob because it is just so fabulous. Demon's Mistress can also be found on the apple bob and it is wow.

This skin is a Kira Skin/Willow Skin Fantasy Goth Special from the Wash Cart sale 10L.
The hair is the present group gift from EMO-tions, one of my favourite hair makers.
Eyes are The Legacy, demon eyes in red, 50L regular price.Thank you Zahra for the light settings, they do work. I look fab.

The boots are Chained boots a lucky chair prize from Bootgasm. I won them about a month ago. Not sure if they are still on the lucky chairs, but these are chairs to visit.


Setting: Empyreal Dreams (thank you to the creators for such a gorgeous space!)

Feb 23rd, 2011 (blogged on my Freebie page) 

Deviance has an apple bob and there is a gift for you on it. You will get one of these two outfits OR something else....there are several great outfits on it. One SO great I will blog it later.  I got the dress. It is lovely, thanks Surreal


Hmmm: My apologies to not crediting this find to Zoey Caeran - I seriously did not notice the overlap! See Zoey's great blog at:

She is one of my only followers so I will be more careful next time!!