By the is 30L Saturday

Ok check out the deals on 30L Saturday. Each Saturday there are about 30 Gorean themed stores that participate. They put out high quality gifties. I will show you a couple I am heading for. To get the notices each week of participating vendors hit one of the b&w 30L boards and join...

1) Whatz Forever Teal.
 I am in a bit of a Highlander phase right now and find myself drawn to Plaid kirtles. Goes well with Analog Dog hair I find. This dress is on for 30L today at Whatz:

Whatz - EK Studio Project, Tumbleweeds (90, 68, 701)

2) Damned  is offering Trish Jade as one of their 30L outfits. Kind of  pirate wenchy don't you think? The bodice is very sexy on. They also have a cool belt with accessories for 30L.

!Damned - Men,Wench,Free Woman,B, Damned (86, 216, 22)

3) Mackenzie Designs is offering these boots for 30L called Mack's Snug Boots. I'm going for the grey ones!

Angelic Dreams Property, Oedo No (73, 116, 1200)

4) Voltai is offering their Victoria dress in three shades for 30L.

Una&Luas - Slave of the Dreams -, Brasil Norte (139, 25, 21)

Just to let you know a couple of other places you might want to check out today for 30L specials are White Noise (nice plaid kirtle in purple), Juicy Larma (something for the guys and girls tonight), and Una&Luas (very cute silks) and Silken Desires (very very sexy silks tonite just in time for Valentines Day!).
Soul Effects is also participating and they have tons of fields of flowers that are usually 100-150 for 30L...that sale though is longer than just tonight I think.
Sigh.. May's Soul did not participate this week.