This is me wearing my new skin from Heartsick - it is 60L for each skin (4 tones available). This is one of the  darker tones and I love the freckles. Even the cleavage is nicely freckled in this skin as you can see in the 2nd pic. Very nice job!
This was blogged on Fab Free so I don't take credit but look at those lips :) Purrfect for Valentine's Day.
Heartsick also has two Valentine skins on 2 lucky boards right now. As well they carry nice elf drow skins in different tones for 350.00 per skin...very nice looking and a very good dark tone one - check it out!

(Analog Dog pic removed). Also wearing Analog Dog Lykke hair. AD makes the best wavy hair in SL in my opinion and a steal at 150L as it is half price right now! I am back-lit by a sun beam in the first that is the why there is colour variation. The dark pack includes fav. So all I can say is get thee there post haste. 

The Elf ears are a current hunt prize for the "The Next Big Thing" from Acide! (so free, are easily tintable to match your skin tone, and have great piercings). There are a  lot of great hunt items out at at Acide! right now. They participate in a lot of hunts and many gifts are great piercings or jewelry! They are also not too hard for a hunt challenged elf like me to find. This hair is a freebie out right now in the discount section at EMO-tions Hair called Claudia. There is more than one bag and styles and something for guys too! Wearing Heartsick skin.

Eyes in both pics are are lavender from TL "The Legacy" ...lovely eyes and these are an occasional freebie on their lucky board. I got these at last weeks 25L Tuesday. Regular price is 50L. They have featured a different colour each week. I love their eyes because they are really really intense and not trying to be hyper realistic.

Kisses Pips