Another nod to Heartsick, one of my favourite skin shops in SL  Amesha Jewel is super generous and she just sent a very pretty Valentine's Gift today. Ani Kimono is wearing it below just outside of Amesha's pretty store. Name of the skin: Harmony: Candy Heart. Right now you have to pay 250.00 to join the group 'cause there is a giftie out. Amesha Jewel is very kind to us freebie lovers as she opens the group to join for free one week a month...Rim hennaid Amesha!
Ani is wearing Carlotta hair, another one of the EMO-tions Hair gifts out right now. This is a really pretty hair and great for role-playing and I have had to answer a lot of queries about where it is from. I love the lil braid at the front!

deleted cause it was so hideous :-)


Today I got another notice that I got pretty excited about!!! *TP* Tailleurs Putain (formerly *noe*) is having a half price sale on everything that is pink and red in the store starting today until Feb. 15th.

That means almost every outfit including NEW ones in the store have one or two colours for 1/2 price. Wow!

As well 4 of her Oriental Lotus skin options are on sale for 1/2 price too, at 200L each makeup (cause of course they are pink and red...smiles). These are really exotic skins and 2 light and one dark tone is on sale (my new fav tends to be darker).

I mentioned I was having a Highlander phase and it is partly due to this wonderful designer. She also sent a free pink camisk (with no undies ) Valentine gift for group members. Thank you! There are also some nice items on the lucky chair and the Kraken Lucky Dip (see below).

The TP Gangloet is on sale in light and dark pink is only 249.99L. Please note that the Gangloet in green is also one of the lucky chair prizes right now. I like this outfit,  it hangs well and has really detailed textures. 

Saeta:  two colours on sale 249L each

Tyra, one colour on sale 249L (looks a cowl neck option!)

Kanes: two sale colours 173L sale price!

Below is the *TP* Tailleurs Putain outfit *noe* Kerski PINK (with Half in editing mode :-)...I find you do need to do a tiny bit of editing on her clothes to make them fit. Half is standing in front of the *TP* Kraken Lucky dip. This dip is fun cause it has good sound can only do it every five minutes tho'. This is the main prize on the Lucky Dip. There are three of her older outfits on the Kraken as well, but this is by far the best. 

Below is Ani in the *TP* Tailleurs Putain outfit outfit Eskra Blood. This in on the lucky chair right now so it is free.  Talk about sexy plaid. A lot of her outfits often come with matching boots  like here. I love the scarf and the sexy slit. Her clothes move really well too, so you can dance in them. See you at Elf Circle!! There are two colours on sale right now of this for 249.00! Yah!!

*TP* Tailleurs Putain:

TP's location is changing soon..I will add the new link when I have it.