60 Linden Weekend- Feb 26-27th, Fantasy friendly fashion

My top vote for thing to get at the 60 Linden event this weekend goes to Malfean Visions. This one of my favourite gothic stores and gothic bootmakers on the grid. If they have a hunt ....run.... cause they are usually very generous and have great things. This dress is so cool and is called Transparent. Why? Cause you get a great x-ray effect on the bodice. There are also two pairs of boots on sale as well. 

Colours on sale are Smoke Gray, Red and Purple 

CQ Boots: Violet

There are a few of fantasy friendly gowns and outfits this week that caught my eye.
 This is a very pretty fantasy gown called Dreamy from N~Chanted Designs.

The Dragonette outfit in green from Dare Designs is a sexy gothic outfit in 7 pieces. (i would wear this as a daring woodland elf...but that is me hmmm.

This hair is called Delight from AVA-TARE in Cherry.